Silicone Vibrating Pleasure Beads

Explore the Pleasure of Vibrating Toys with Our Silicone Vibrating Pleasure Beads
? The toy is unisex
? Made from silicone material and is waterproof
? Contain 10 beads that give you maximum pleasure and progressive stimulation of the anus
This toy is made from a pure silicone material and its sleeve heat up with your body for a more natural feeling playtime and has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Batteries are included with the Silicone Ultra Wireless Dolphin, and as long as the cap is screwed on tightly, the batteries and motor will be completely safe to submerge this vibe in the bubbles of your bath or while washing after use.
Although the small ABS bullet is compatible with all lubes the Silicone Vibrating Pleasure Beads should only be used with water-based lubricants. The toy is designed in a way that the vibrating beads on the shaft glide in and out of your bottom system in a way that every sensitive spot in your anal canal is stimulated giving you optimum pleasure.
Insert as many beads as you can accommodate depending on your preference level of stimulation. For added pleasure remove the beads just before your Bodies and Playsuits orgasm and experience an out of this world climax feeling. The toy is designed to allow use by both male and female thus making it a good choose to have in your toy box for use with your partner or while playing solo.
Silicone Vibrating Pleasure Beads have a finger loop that makes sure that the ten beads are easily removed and controlled. Each of the ten beads has a circumference ranging from 1.2-3 inches. Durably made of firm, pliable silicone, these beads are graduated in size allowing you to intensify the pleasure at your own discretion. Vibrations are provided by the 3 speed bullet. It can be removed and used for other areas of sexual adventure. Powerful vibrations from the bullet will resonate down the beads and into your hole.
After every use makes sure to clean your toy in warm soapy water and allow it to dry before storage.